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The ArTechS Summer School in Brief

01 > 13 July 2019 in Berlin

Bringing students from around the globe together so that they jointly merge their perspectives, approaches, methods and expertise on the arts and technologies in order to contribute to a social-ecological transformation of the societies.

Application for participation and stipends/travel allowance until 04 March 2019.



Merging Art and Technology for a Sustainable Now

The UN Rio+20 debate and its focus on Green Economy shows, that there is a strong demand for technological innovations as a remedy for ecological destruction and as pathway to poverty eradication. Consequently, the predominant belief in technological progress is held up through technicians as well as a society wishing for easy technological solutions for complex ecological and social problems. This belief in quick technological fixes is further held up by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. An interdisciplinary approach seems necessary as the traditional mono-disciplinary approaches do not adequately tackle the societal challenges around the globe.

In contrast, artists and designers as well as experts of the humanities regularly address the relevant (global) issues including the technocentric and productivistic worldview. In addition, engineers and scientists are more and more living up to their social and ecological responsibility by designing sustainable technologies. Thus, bringing students of these disciplines together may contribute significantly to a social-ecological transformation of societies. Taking this into account, the Technical University Berlin, the University of Arts Berlin and the State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart decided to partner up in the summer school "ArTechS - Merging Art and Technology for a Sustainable Now".



Design and Objectives of the Summer School

The summer school intends to bring students together to overcome the boundaries between and within art and technology. Students are invited to bring their disciplinary perspectives and competences to the summer school in order to jointly address the problems that they identify as urgent. By doing this, the participants will acquire the competence to unveil the complex interdependency of their artistic, social, political, ecological and economic surroundings. This includes the consideration of different values, interests and needs within a global perspective as well as within one class(room). The design of the summer school encourages democratic decision-making not only to solve but also to define problems within the school itself and moreover outside of the classroom.

The summer school aims to enable the students to work together and across disciplinary boundaries through research-based learning. To this end, the students get to know basic approaches and methods of the various disciplines which will also include students co-teaching their fellow students in their respective disciplines. Furthermore, the students get to know several inter-/transdisciplinary/artistic research projects conducted at the participating institutions. This will include visits to laboratories and artist’s studios on campus as well as excursions in and around Berlin to places of social-ecological transformations and/or contemporary art projects.

The students then integrate their existing expertise with the new learned knowledge and competences, in order to conduct their collectively organised action research projects which merge aspects of art and technology for a sustainable now. The process as well as the products of these artistic/action research projects will be presented to a broader public through a analogue and digital exhibition.



Organisation of the Summer School

The summer school will take place during the last two weeks of the German summer semester -  01 to 13 July 2019. This will provide the possibility to experience first hand the student life on the campus of Technical University Berlin and University of Arts Berlin. In addition, the students of the summer school will participate as guests in some regular courses so that they will directly interact with other students.

The summer school is organised by the following partners: Hybrid Plattform a Joint Venture of TU Berlin and UdK Berlin - Blue Engineering of TU Berlin - TU Berlin Sustainability Certificate for Students - CAMPUS GEGENWART of HMDK Stuttgart. The summer school is funded through DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service from funds of the Federal Foreign Office Germany.

Please address questions regarding the summer school to André Baier -



Application for Participation, Stipends and Travel Allowance

The participation is free of charge.

Enrolled students of all universities and levels (Bachelor, Master, PhD) are eligible to apply.

Students of arts and engineering are especially encouraged to apply. This includes all disciplines of the arts, including theater play, performance, music, dance etc. as well as all disciplines of engineering such as mechanical, chemical, environmental, architectural engineering.

Female students, queer students, students from the global south, students with children and students with disabilities will be favored.

The application deadline ended on 04 March 2019. We are currently selecting the participants and might open the application later on. Please check the website later for any information.

Due to some technical and organisational problems, all applicants will hear of the results by 10th March 2019 including if they are chosen for the stipend and travel allowance - earlier it was written here that the results will be sent our on 08 March.



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